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I bring charisma

to your event

Expert, public speaker &
keynote presenter


Looking for a charismatic host for your event? Need someone to woo your crowd? Your search ends here, because I'm the right woman for the job (in my humble opinion).


PS: I am fluent in Dutch, English, French and Arabic.  




You can book me to talk about the following topics: 

My story

A keynote where I talk about everything I've done to get where I am today. How I started my journey as an entrepreneur, what my travelling experiences have been like and how they shaped me. I talk about my business and what I hope to achieve with them. 

The future of work

I explain my vision for the future of work and what we can do to keep up with the digitalisation.

We need to constantly reskill ourselves and  change the way we look at our people. Everything becomes more and more digital and technological, but I believe that our humanity will be the thing that saves us. 

How to create happiness

Whether it's happiness at work or happiness in your personal life, in this keynote presentation I explain the importance of happiness, being valued and how it impacts us. Think about employee engagement and well-being in the workplace, but also the law of attraction and how defining your why can change everything. 

Didn't find

what you were looking for? 

Got the feeling that you didn't find what you where looking for?

Do you think you can put my expertise on business, life and

company culture to use? 

Contact me and we can work something out together! 

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