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Investing in people is the

best strategy for growth, in society and in organisations

​Khadija Rejdy is passionate, funny and most of all a crazy adventurer. Belgian with Moroccan roots, that loves to discover the world and its cultures. She has lived and worked in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Qatar and the UAE. Life for her is all about passions, dreams and happiness. She is what we call a true bad-ass and honestly, she is not liking this ‘writing in the third person-thing’…

I believe that growth is the key to a happy and successful life, both personal and professional.
My passion for growth is reflected in my business contributions, way of working and in the energy that I bring to the table in all of my businesses.

As an expert in talent development I am able to boost companies, organisations and entrepreneurs in their journey of growth. I had the opportunity to deliver my message around the world with opportunities in UAE, Qatar, Austria, The Netherlands, Morocco, Belgium and counting.


My expertise lays in training and coaching enterprises and people to help them achieve their goals. I stimulate growth through the power of company culture and human capital. I am a hands-on doer and implement targeted and effective strategies that lead companies to better results. 


I specialise in:

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Talent management

  • Organisational development 

 I listen to you, to your needs and your company's needs. ​Growth is different for everyone and that's just the same for businesses. The phrase one size fits all doesn't exist in my book. Everything I do is tailored to your or your business's needs and is completely realistic, easy to implement and unique. 


Born and raised in Limburg and of Moroccan descent, I yearn to explore and see the world. After I graduated high school, I moved to Brussels to study Business Engineering at the age of 17. I wanted to know what it was like living in a big city. After two years in Brussels, I moved to Italy to finish my last year of university. I chose to live in a small village, so that I could integrate fully and really get the Italian experience. 

Back in Belgium I went for my masters degree in Business Engineering and I chose teaching as a second major. I joined an international student association where I eventually grew into an international position in the Qatar offices. After my Middle Eastern adventure I returned home to Belgium to work and to take the next step in life. When the 'rat-race' feeling kicked in, the travel bug kicked harder.  So before I knew it,  I went backpacking through South East Asia looking for that next puzzle piece in life. .After that I embarked the journey of being a freelance business consultant. I worked on different projects, I met so many amazing people and learned a lot. This journey gave me a whole new perspective, a perspective I used to write my own business story. This is where UPOP, Deeja and Live the Experience were born. 

Feel free to drop me a message if you're interested in knowing more about me or my projects. You can also book me as a keynote speaker at your event or company. 

Looking forward to connecting with you and making magic happen. 

Connect with me on LinkedIn to stay in touch. 

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