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Looking for my

next opportunity

to make a change.

The human way.


This is me

I let people find their happiness.

I do that by ensuring that everybody is living the life that they want, so they can be happy. I contribute to growth as growing creates happiness.

I make people discover new things in their life and in this world. 

Growth hacker   Wife 
Talent developer  Mom   Entrepreneur

Wisdom sharer   Keynote speaker 

Product whisperer


I believe that investing in people is the best strategy for growth, both in our

society as in an organisation. As a manager I always made sure that, next to strategies, I

gave the needed knowledge and skills to my staff. I created learning programs, started delivering trainings in my roles as team leader and manager to my direct team. By doing that I understood the importance of delivering impactful learning journeys to develop skills, insights and the talent of your staff. By doing that, I also understood the importance of company culture. The glue that keeps everything together. Throughout the years I picked up these interests and created my own platforms to serve even more companies, organisations and individuals so they are

prepared and ready for the future and the changes that it brings.

Growth entrepreneur


UPOP is a strategic consultancy agency that ensures growth for organisations and companies by investing and harvesting in human capital and company culture.

Deeja is a Belgian platform of, for and created by women.


Our goal is to empower and elevate 

women to chase their dreams.​

Call it fempowerment.


We empower people to achieve their dreams and follow their passion while they discover the world. In everything we do, we put the individual first.


"Helping people grow their business and empowering them are my passions. I love that I get to wake up everyday and do this for a living."

- Khadija Rejdy

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